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Player receives 10% cashback from the amount of funds lost over the past week
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After the deposit our specialists will immediately charge 5% of the deposit to the account in the form of real money
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The cashback promotion is valid for all losses generated by the client from Thursday of the previous week, until Wednesday of the current week.
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Get 11% cashback on all Slot games losses every 7 days! No limits!
As a token of our gratitude, we're offering you the chance to join our new loyalty program and get VIP cashback
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Make a deposit before midnight on Monday and get a 50% bonus up to 26000 INR!
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What is a cashback casino bonus?
Types of cashback
–Welcome cashback
–Regular cashback for seasoned players
–Loyalty cashback
–VIP Cashback
How does cashback work?
How to find the best cashback casino bonuses?
What should you know about the terms of the bonus
Casino cashback: Advantages and Disadvantages
Is it worth claiming a cashback casino bonus?

While gambling, it is impossible to have a stable winning streak. Thus, players always lose their money – someone loses big, someone has little expenses. Numerous online gambling operators in India and worldwide know that losing money is not a pleasant thing, so they come up with a great idea to add cashback to their lists of bonus deals.

In this article, we will touch on the topic of top cashback casino bonuses in online casinos, their essential roles, and many other helpful things that will better your overall gambling experience in the best online casinos in India.

What is a cashback casino bonus?

A cashback reward in casino directly refers to a term of refund. In the industry of online gambling, the refund guarantees all gambling enthusiasts receive a specific percentage of the lost funds. The word cashback is used in both brick-and-mortar gambling houses and online casinos, but it is more applicable for the online segment.

If you have ever had an experience in online gambling, you know that it is inevitable to lose money. For sure, some players are luckier (or have more experience than helps make wiser decisions) in this regard. However, there are still players that are struggling while losing their bankrolls. And a cashback bonus acts as an assistant – to return a casino user at least something after having a bad experience or a long-term losing streak.

To make it clear, it is worth understanding that a cashback online casino bonus is a small portion of the return. Most online casinos are agreed to offer their players a specific percentage of the total sum of money they lost during a previously determined period. It can be one week, two weeks, or one month. And it is also worth noting that there are diverse types of cashback offers.

Types of cashback

As mentioned above, a cashback bonus means refunding a certain sum during a certain time. And cashback is clearly divided into several primary subtypes with different purposes and terms of use.

Welcome cashback

This variation of the best casino cashback bonus deals can also be considered a traditional welcome bonus offer. These bonuses are almost identical because of the working principle – after making a casino deposit, a player gets a determined piece, like 50%, 100%, or even 150%. And in some way, a traditional welcome bonus may be considered cashback, but colossal cashback.

Remember that this offer can be given one time only, and players cannot count on a second chance to claim it.

Regular cashback for seasoned players

Another variety of cashback deal is this bonus on a regular basis. Some casinos provide their existing players with an outstanding opportunity to receive a certain piece of the lost money daily, weekly, or monthly. Regular casino cashback is an additional tool to motivate gamblers not to give up in case of losing streaks and continue to play in various casino entertaining options, whether online slot machines, card, or table games.

This type of cashback does not guarantee a high percentage in return but still has its value. Players can count on 5%, 10%, or 15% in return from the total lost bankroll.

Loyalty cashback

Most online gambling establishments try to make the gambling experience of their players even more beneficial. Therefore, they put different loyalty programs into action that accept all players from the moment of the registration. And these loyalty programs have an additional incentive – cashback. Under standard conditions of every loyalty program, players who lose their money during gambling can get a refund. The size of the rebate is almost similar to the regular cashback deals.

VIP Cashback

From the name of this bonus, it is getting evident that this cashback is a part of a VIP program. And only members of the VIP program can be credited for this casino bonus type. As a part of a VIP program, players can claim even more valuable cashback from the chosen online operator. Putting this simply, the percentage of cashback for VIP users exceeds the mentioned above percentages from regular casino cashback offers and loyalty programs.

Under these circumstances, the VIP cashback can be up to 25%, which is quite an impressive number. So, it is possible to get back up to the quarter of the lost sum. For instance, a player has lost 40,000 Indian Rupees. Under the VIP bonus program conditions, 10,000 INR will be refunded.

Of course, there are a few more bonus types of cashback mentioned above that are pretty common and widespread among gamblers of India. Most cashback casino bonuses fit perfectly for both online casino enthusiasts and sports betting gurus. But, here is one more question that appears – how does a cashback reward work?

How does cashback work?

It is not as complicated to understand how casino cashback bonuses work as you might think. Some online gambling houses have different requirements, terms, and conditions. However, the overarching principle remains the same for all of them. The algorithm is the following: you bet on online casino games (having ups and downs in terms of money balance) and receive a specific part of the lost money.

Let us have a real example. Let us imagine that you have charged your casino account 5,000 Indian Rupees and had a winning streak without losses during one week. Afterward, you will not get anything from your cashback of 10%. In this case, this casino bonus seems pretty nonsense for you because you cannot take advantage of it. However, when you have lost the won amount plus your initial deposit of 5,000 INR, you will be benefited from this loss. In return, you can count on 500 Indian Rupees. And if you have better conditions for this bonus, you will be able to get even more from the loss.

How to find the best cashback casino bonuses?

There are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of online gambling operators that give a shot to apply for different casino incentives to attract new gamers and keep existing users engaged. For sure, their list of available bonus offers includes casino cashback. Therefore, it is a pretty challenging task to find a authentic website that can offer the best conditions of cashback. And in this section, we will share with you tips that help you get satisfied with the chosen online operator and its cashback opportunities.

  • First of all, it is mandatory to put a search request with the text “the best cashback casino bonuses” in a Google search line. This request will provide you with many articles related to your question. And it is better if you can pick from the first page of the results.
  • Secondly, you will see a list of online gambling establishments that offer this type of bonus deal for their players. And your essential task is to go through all of them thoughtfully, paying attention to all the critical moments (we will tell you about them later in this article).
  • The third step requires the most effortless action – to create a new profile in the chosen casino and start betting on casino entertaining options that may include poker, roulette, lottery, etc.

Nothing is complicated and does not require special knowledge, except your time. So, if you do not want to waste it, you can use a shortcut that we give you. On this page, you will see a list of online casinos in India that have the best possible cashback conditions and terms.

What should you know about the terms of the bonus

You have already known that cashback works identically in every online casino. However, each operator specifies the terms of their casino cashback offers, making them unique. So, let us consider the major conditions of this bonus type that you may face.

  • Time frames. We have mentioned several times in this article that a cashback bonus can be given daily, weekly, and monthly. For this reason, it is crucial to check this moment.
  • Wagering requirements. Under normal circumstances, this type of bonus does not require fulfilling any wagering requirements. However, some casinos may set up these requirements. For instance, it is mandatory to wager the received cashback money several times, like 5 or 10. If you see such information in the terms paragraph, it is better to avoid this offer because most online casinos do not have them.
  • The percentage of cashback. One more crucial moment to pay attention to is the size of cashback. On average, players can count on 5% or 10%. Some casinos can give a shot to take advantage of 20%. But, if you see 30% cashback or better numbers, do not grab this possibility immediately because there can be a trick, a lousy trick from the casino.
  • Validity. Some gambling operators apply a specific period that this bonus can be valid. For example, the money received from cashback will be valid three days from the moment of obtaining it and seven days after the activation.
  • The edge of money loss. There is a usual practice when an online casino applies its cashback casino bonus for people who have lost a previously determined amount of money. For instance, a player will not get anything if they have lost 100 Indian Rupees.
  • The available games. Remember that the cashback money can only be used in specific games. And without knowing this information (the available games for this bonus), it is elementary to spend your money rather than cashback money.

You see that there are many tricks that every online gambling platform can apply to its bonus conditions. And it is highly recommended to check all the terms attentively before you step into the bonus.

Casino cashback: Advantages and Disadvantages

In the world of online gambling, it is impossible to find a casino bonus that has advantages only. And every cashback in online casino is a two-edged sword that has its drawbacks as well. Therefore, we have prepared a table that includes all pros and cons of this bonus type.

Advantages Disadvantages
Return of the lost money; The offer is limited by time;
No wagering requirements (in most cases); The percentage may be low.
Simple to claim.

Is it worth claiming a cashback casino bonus?

Many enthusiasts of gambling are struggling with the question of whether they should take top cashback casino deals and all their advantages or not. Summarizing all the information above, it is getting clear that it is worth taking benefits from the bonus and getting a little bankroll back in case of losing.

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