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What are free bets on betting platforms and casinos?
How do free bets work?
Free bet casino: terms and conditions
Free bets in varied casino bonus offers
–Welcome offers
–No deposit welcome deals
–Reload bonuses
–Loyalty programs
–VIP programs
–Referral programs
–Bonus codes
–Special events
Where can I find free bet casino offers?
Advantages and disadvantages of free bet bonuses
Is it worth trying free bets in gambling?

Bookmakers and sports betting operators in India use different marketing tools to attract new customers (gamblers) and retain existing ones. One of these tools is a free incentive or a free bet casino deal. And in this article, we will tell you more about free bets, casino offers that contains free bets, the working principle of these gambling incentives, and much more. So, let us get started and dive into the world of free bets.

What are free bets on betting platforms and casinos?

If you have no experience in sports betting, the first question that comes to your mind is – what are these free bets? Indeed, free bet incentives are a promotional marketing tool that follows a straightforward goal – to attract players to a gambling establishment and turn them into loyal players. To make it simple, a free bet is a determined amount of bonus money that can be placed as a bet on the chosen sports or esports event.

The essential benefit of this bonus is that a bettor does not lose anything in case of failure. And in case of success, the bonus money goes back to the gambling platform, and the won bankroll remains in the player. The advantageous side of every bookmaker is a satisfied player that can stay betting in the long-term run.

How do free bets work?

It is worth mentioning that free bets are not money and can only be used for betting purposes (unlike a deposit money bonus). And at this point, we will explain to you this process in practice.

For instance, you have received 500 Indian Rupees as a part of an online casino free bet prize and placed this sum in a sports event with a coefficient of 3.4. In case of failure, you only lose the bonus money and nothing more. But, if your bet has met success, the calculation of your winning pool will be as follows: (500*3.4)-500. Your pure income will be 1,200 Indian Rupees because the bookmaker will take the given amount of bonus bankroll back.

Under these circumstances, a player does not lose anything. However, there are some moments that you should be aware of to avoid any awful betting experience – the terms of the bonus deal.

Free bet casino: terms and conditions

Definitely, it is always great to get something for free, especially when this opportunity may turn into a positive bankroll. Notwithstanding the fascinating option to receive such a gratis, you need to know that bookmaking platforms and gambling websites in India put some rules that should be fulfilled. And without the fulfillment of these rules, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings at all. We have gathered the most common aspects you need to be aware of.

  • Wagering requirements. As a part of any free bet offer, a significant part of gambling platforms obligate their bettors to wager the received amount of money a determined number of times before unlocking the capability of cashing out. Generally, it is necessary to wager the sum 10 or 25 times.
  • Specific period of time. Bookmaking companies set up time-frames for top free bets bonuses, and during this particular time, the bonus should be wagered. For example, the online gambling establishment may ask you to accomplish the given requirements within a frame of 7 business days after the activation of the bonus. Some betting platforms are less strict in this regard and ask to do so within 30 days.
  • The maximal bet. It is also worth highlighting that you have some limits on the maximum bet you can bet on. And it is highly recommended to find this info (the bonus terms sections include it) as soon as possible and learn the limit. Otherwise, you may face a troublesome situation of risking losing your own bankroll.

These are the most crucial aspects you need to check out before taking advantage of this sports betting bonus.

Free bets in varied casino bonus offers

A free bet is one of a kind bookmaking bonus, but you have extremely high chances to receive this bonus from another casino bonuses. And right away, we will tell you where you can get free bets from.

Welcome offers

The first station with free spins is a greeting deal. After stepping into gambling (in our case, sports betting), it is necessary to sign up and create a new account. When the registration is over and your account is confirmed, the online gambling establishment is ready to welcome you warmly with its new player greeting bundle. Most commonly, any welcome bonus contains a bonus on a deposit or free rounds on slot machines, but if this platform has a section on sports or sports betting, you can count on free bets as well.

Usually, you will be asked to charge your account with the minimum required amount of money to receive online casino free bet offers. You can read all the terms and conditions in the section on Promotions while selecting a welcome sports bonus.

No deposit welcome deals

If you absolutely have no intention to spend your own bankroll while betting or gambling in casino games developed by the leading casino providers but have the keen feeling to try this entertaining option so bad, there is good news – no deposit welcome bonus. The essential idea of this offer is to give a quick overview of real gambling to a newcomer.

The online betting platform or casino will demand only one thing – registration.

Reload bonuses

Newcomers have their portion of bonuses, but what about regular players who spend a lot of time betting and gambling. For these gambling enthusiasts, online operators have prepared bonuses (free bets) on a regular basis. It means that bettors can count on free bets from time to time, like every day, every week, or every month. These conditions depend on the gambling platform of your choice.

And to be qualified for such a pleasant bonus offer, it is necessary to make a deposit by charging your balance with a specific amount of money.

Loyalty programs

Another excellent opportunity to grab free spins is participating in a loyalty program. Typically, all players automatically take part in a loyalty program (if the chosen gambling website offers it). And under this program, bettors receive a variety of juicy incentives, including free bets.

The only condition for obtaining free bets is gambling, gambling, and gambling. While gambling, you complete different tasks, collect points, and take advantage of them.

VIP programs

In comparison to the mentioned above program, there are VIP programs designed for the most loyal bettors that get used to playing high (their single-stake bets are way higher than regular bettors’ bets). Consequently, the reward is also higher.

To be a part of any VIP program, it is necessary to play high and receive a personal invitation to become a member of the VIP community.

Referral programs

Suppose you want to find more ways to receive top free bets bonuses. In this case, some online gambling establishments have designed referral programs that add one more way to get these betting incentives. What is required from your side is to copy a referral link and send it to your friends. The more friends follow the link and sign up, the more free bets you will get in return.

Bonus codes

It is also possible to gain free bets with the help of special bonus codes. This type of bonus is less common, and not every bookmaker will provide you with this capability, but it is still an option. After obtaining a bonus code, you need to type it in a special line and claim your reward. That is all.

Special events

You know that there are many sports and esports events globally, and gambling platforms make special promotions dedicated to these events. Following this, there is a nice probability of getting this bonus.

Where can I find free bet casino offers?

There are hundreds or even thousands of gambling establishments that offer free bets for residents of India and other countries. And it is getting more and more complicated to find the best possible deal with the best possible conditions.

So, we want to simplify this search process and present you with a listing of gambling sites that provide their players with captivating bonus deals with free bets. And if you do not believe it, you can go through our casino reviews and learn more about the bonuses in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of free bet bonuses

Until this moment, you have read a lot of positive things about free bets and their post-effects. However, you need to know all pros and cons of this bonus before stepping into real gambling and betting. In the below table, you will clearly see the strong and weak sides of any free bet.

Advantages Disadvantages
No risks of gambling; Wagering requirements may be strict;
Great chances to win real money; There are several limitations.
A nice option to try out betting on sports without actual investments;
An opportunity to try a brand-new betting strategy or tactic.

Is it worth trying free bets in gambling?

After getting to know all upside and downsides of free bet casino deals, it is the right time and moment to make a wise decision, whether to take this offer or not. All hints and signs indicate that there are no things that you should be worried about. This sports betting bonus is definitely worth trying out. And one of the most apparent reasons for this is the understanding that you will lose nothing in case of taking the offer. So, the final decision is up to you.


What is a free bet in a casino?

The term free bet refers to casino incentives that are given by bookmakers or gambling platforms to their bettors to encourage their loyalty and increase interest in gambling.

Is it possible to win real money while using free bets?

For sure! With the help of free bets, there is a fantastic probability of meeting a success and winning some money. The final result will depend on you and your decisions - whether you can predict the result of the sports event correctly or not.

How can I win real money with the help of free bets?

If you want to take advantage of free bets and win real money, it is necessary to have good knowledge of the sports or esports events you will bet on. This knowledge will help you place your free bets properly and receive your cash prize. Of course, it is also possible to win money, relying on your extremely good luck.

How can I get free bets?

This task belongs to the easiest ones. What you need to do to get free bets is to find a reliable gambling platform, which provides its players with such an opportunity, create there a new profile, and claim your free bets. Usually, this offer is given to newcomers as a part of a welcome sports betting bonus.

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