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What is a live casino bonus?
Live casino reward and its different types
–Welcome live casino bonus
–No deposit live casino welcome bonus
–Regular rewards or reload deals
–Personal live casino bonuses
How do live casino incentives work?
Where can I get live casino bounty?
How to claim this live bonus?
Everything you should know about wagering requirements
The best live casino gaming options
Live casino rewards: advantages and disadvantages
Is a live casino bonus worth it?

The industry of live casino has recently become an integral part of many online gambling operators. This novelty came to the online gambling industry due to the global pandemic because many land-based gambling houses were forced to shut down. As a result, many gambling admirers worldwide, including India, lost the possibility to delight different casino games as well as betting on sports events. And the live casino was the only solution that could help players dive into this fascinating world of excitement once again.

Understandably, the best way to join an online operator with a live casino section is to find a gambling house that offers some kind of incentive, like bonuses or promotions. Therefore, we are going to get to know you with the best live casino bonuses, its diversification, and many other valuable things that help you get the best possible gambling experience ever. So, let us figure out what a live casino bonus refers to.

What is a live casino bonus?

After reaching the top of the rock (in terms of popularity), online casinos, which have given a shot of a live casino opportunity, have started to develop new ways how to draw attention of new users and keep existing ones engaged while they are enjoying the environment of real casino houses with real live dealers. And one of the proven methods was to provide their users with live casino rewards.

From the title, you may suggest that a live casino bonus can be described as an incentive or retention tool that gives extra free opportunities to gamble to casino users.

However, it was not enough to develop this live bonus. Therefore, many gambling operators have diversified it, making a variety of additional subtypes, which we will discuss right away.

Live casino reward and its different types

If you have ever experience in gambling, specifically in live casino gambling, then you have met different types of this bonus for sure. And if you are a newbie in this entertainment world and have no clue what is going on right now, it is a perfect moment to learn more about a variety of live casino incentives.

Welcome live casino bonus

It is worth knowing that this type is the most widespread, and many online gambling houses with live casino offers such an option but for newly registered players only. Every welcome deal means a casino’s greeting, which comes along with some pleasant benefits.

In most cases, these benefits include bonus money after registering your brand-new profile and charging it with the minimum deposit.

No deposit live casino welcome bonus

One more enjoyable bonus that can be made for newcomers is a welcome offer with no deposit required. To put it simply, this concept means that it will be enough for a user to register a new casino profile and confirm its creation by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your actual email address.

And the sweetest part of this live casino welcome bonus incentive is that it is not mandatory to charge the casino account with real money. The bonus will be given even without investments.

The drawback of this bonus is its size. You cannot count on a significant amount of money or a massive number of free bets. Under normal conditions, you will receive 200 or 300 Indian Rupees and nothing more.

Regular rewards or reload deals

After stepping into live casino gambling, it is always better to take from the elected online operator some bonuses on a regular basis. Therefore, some online casinos add regular incentives to make regular admirers of the live casino even happier.

This type of bonus is familiar to the live casino welcome bonus deals by its working principle. However, the difference lies in the bonus’ regularity. Regular bonuses can be given repeatably – once a day, week, or month. It can be a deposit bonus of 25%, 50, or even 100%.

And what is required is to make a deposit or type in a special line a received code to be qualified for it.

Personal live casino bonuses

Some gambling admirers who stay with the gambling operator for a long time can receive personal promo codes from the casino administration. These codes may include a bonus on a deposit or a fixed money prize (even without placing real money).

There are two possible ways how to redeem these codes. The first option is to ask the casino administration directly. The second way is that the casino administration sends this code for you personally. The last case is usually applicable for the most loyal casino users that spend a lot of time at this or that gambling platform.


One of the rarest rewards here is cashback. The essential idea of which lies in the provision of the opportunity to get back a specific percentage of the lost money in live casino games. Characteristically, the percentage consists of 5% of the total sum of the lost money during a particular period.

You do not even need to ask this bonus because it is applied automatically.


And the last variation of the live casino bonus is a reward. Some gambling websites offer entertaining tasks or quests. After completing one of them or reaching some degree, you will receive some compensation. It may be an additional feature, like an increased deposit percentage or instant benefits (bonus monetary prizes or free bets).

Anyway, this bonus is the rarest one and can be met in a few online casinos only. The only requirement of getting it is completing tasks or quests. In simple words, you need to bet on games, like Blackjack or Baccarat, and collect the points.

How do live casino incentives work?

If you are eager to know how these bonuses work, it is recommended to continue reading this article to learn more information about them and dive deeper into their working process.

There is nothing complicated in understanding the working process of every top live casino bonus. So, in the beginning, it is highly advisable to create a new casino account or sign in to an existing one. After doing this, it is necessary to go to the section of Bonuses and Promotions and select the desired or most suitable one. When you have clicked on it, it informs you what you should do to activate it. And that is all!

Where can I get live casino bounty?

The online gambling industry became in-demand many years ago. However, the live casino options got their moment relatively recently. Consequently, not every online gambling website, which has a category of live casinos, can offer you a shot to take advantage of this bonus type. And for every user, it is pretty interesting to know – where can they get live casino bonuses?

Here, you can see a list with various online operators that provide their users with a capability to dive into a real atmosphere of live casino games, like poker, roulette, and many others, and, meanwhile, have an opportunity to take advantage of all these games while having live casino advantages. We also give you additional information that may serve you as an assist to decide what online casino has the best conditions.

How to claim this live bonus?

To take this deal is one of the elementary tasks that you can face while gambling. Many online platforms use pop-up notifications to inform their players about various bonus deals, their conditions, and the ways of claiming them.

Usually, you will see a section of Promotions or Bonuses above the header on the main page of the casino’s website. By clicking on this section, you will be redirected to a new window where all the possible are displayed.

From your side, it is required to go through all of them carefully and decide what of these bonuses is the most suitable for your gambling purposes. When the choice is made, it is necessary to find the button “Claim” and press it. So, you see that the process of asking for the deal is not as complicated as you might think of it.

Everything you should know about wagering requirements

Before claiming this bonus type, whether it is a welcome incentive or a regular one, it is highly recommended to go through the bonus conditions. Why is it so important? One of the most straightforward explanations is the illusion of the bonus. Some online casinos get used to creating captivating pop-ups that take your attention immediately. But in reality, this bonus can be dozens or hundreds of times worse than your expectations.

For example, you see an amazing live casino bonus deal that guarantees a 500% bonus on your deposit. In some ways, this bonus looks like beyond-the-reality, but its true face will be revealed soon, and you will not be satisfied with it. Because you will be obligated to fulfill impossible to accomplish wagering requirements, like 100x, and are limited in time. On average, most gambling platforms set up 30x. And the principle is – the top live casino bonus should be the same or even lower in number.

Thus, it would be better if you read the terms of the live casino bonus thoughtfully before stepping into it. And these are the things that you should consider:

  • The wager of the bonus;
  • Wagering time (deadlines);
  • The list of games that are part of the bonus deal;
  • The maximum bonus amount of money;
  • Maximum size of the bet;
  • Withdrawal limits.

Knowing all the moments will prevent you from having a bad gambling experience and improve it in the best live casino games.

The best live casino gaming options

The variety of live games in India may impress everyone independently from their experience and expectations. However, there are a few gaming solutions that it is recommended to consider.

So, the first pick (and one of the simplest options for beginners) is Live Blackjack. The essential idea of this casino game is to have 21 points but no more or have a higher number than your competitor (in our case, a live dealer). That is why every new player should take this game into account.

The next gaming opportunity that is worth facing is Live Roulette. You probably have watched many Hollywood movies that covered this popular casino game. For inexperienced users, it is better to play the simplest variation of the game, in which a player needs to assume the color rather red or black. Gamblers with experienced will be bored from this variation, so they choose a more advanced mode – to pick the number. Bear in mind that the advanced mode of the game suggests more decent winnings.

And the third game from our list is Live Poker. This game requires special skills, and not everyone can have success in it. Your main task is to have the best hand without knowing the cards of others.

So, if you are interested in live casino entertaining options, you can try something from this list.

Live casino rewards: advantages and disadvantages

One of the most worrying questions related to live casino bonuses is a consideration of all pros and cons of this bonus type. In this article, we have summered up all upsides and downsides of these bonuses. This information can be beneficial for those who do not want to be caught in the trap and make the most of these beneficial deals.

Advantages Disadvantages
Additional boost for live casino betting; Wagering requirement may be extremely high;
Great for beginners; Many limits in terms of betting;
Probability of no deposit offers;

Is a live casino bonus worth it?

As you can see from the table above, live casino bonus incentives have their own pros and cons, especially for the citizens of India. Thus, it is up to you whether to take advantage of these bonus deals or not.

Practice shows that the beneficial side of these bonuses predominates over the cons, and in some way, you lose nothing will claiming this bonus.

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