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What is a sports betting bonus?
Different types of sports betting rewards
–Welcome Deal
–Free Bet Bonus
–Risk-Free Bet
–Regular Promotions
–No Deposit Sports Betting Bonus
–VIP Programs and Offer
–Personalized Offers
How do sports betting bonuses work?
How to claim a sports betting bonus?
Standard terms of sports betting incentives
How to choose the best betting platform?
Advantages and disadvantages of sports betting rewards
Is it worth claiming these bonuses?

While gambling on sports betting websites, it is always pleasant to have some support and additional incentives from the chosen sports betting operator. That is why many gambling platforms in India use bonuses with the simple purpose of attracting new users and keeping the existing bettors engaged.

In this article, we will get to know you with sports betting incentives, their diversification in terms of types, how they work, and other helpful information that will help you use them wisely and get the maximum from them.

What is a sports betting bonus?

Reward. Incentive. Prize. Present. Gift. There are so many words that can easily describe a sports betting bonus. From these words, it is evident that this type of casino bonus refers to something that sports bookmaking operators are willing to give you (as a bettor) without demanding anything in return (we will clarify this moment later in this article). So, a simple sports betting bonus is a promotional tool used by sportsbooks to motivate bettors to place their bets repeatedly.

Of course, sports bookmaking websites give various opportunities to their bettors to get their attention and, in a long-term perspective, their loyalty. And this variety was a necessary measure because this market was highly competitive and required innovative solutions and approaches from the operators’ side to reach that goal. That is why there are so many types of this bonus.

Different types of sports betting rewards

The market of sports betting is highly competitive at the present moment, and sports betting providers are trying to come up with innovative ideas and exciting approaches to get more and more new customers. For this simple reason, a variety of bonuses is considerable, and it is worth getting to know all the types to take the maximum advantage of them.

Welcome Deal

When you join a sports betting community (a website), it pleasantly greets you. But the greeting is not just words; it is a valuable present – a welcome present. So, the first type of bonus is a welcome offer.

The essential idea of this new player bonus is to grant a starting boost for every new member of the community. This boost may include either a deposit bonus, free bets, or combine all these things in one welcome package.

Under normal circumstances, you can count on a deposit bonus of 50%, 100, or even 200% (the rarest offer). Talking about free bets, players usually receive a specific amount of cash, like 500 or 1,000 Indian Rupees, that can be used for putting it into bets.

The only thing required before you can be qualified for this bonus is a new account (to sign up). When you have signed in for the first time, the platform will send you a pop-up to guide you to this bonus.

Free Bet Bonus

We have already touched on free bets in the previous section, and it is the right moment to explain them in all detail. The name of the bonus hints that this bonus type includes the possibility to put a stake in a sports event for free. It is also similar to FS in online slot games.

Many sports booking operators give free bets instead of gifting their players with bonus money. However, free bets mean free money. And here comes the question – what is the difference between a welcome bonus and a free bet bonus?

The principle is the same, but free bet bonuses are a bit limited in their use. For instance, you received a 1,000 INR Free Bet Bonus from the operator. It is impossible for you to divide the given sum several times. You can only use this money to place a single bet (1,000-rupees bet) on the chosen sports event.

There are many different requirements on how you can claim this offer. Usually, it is necessary to make a deposit or participate in promotions.

Risk-Free Bet

In addition to a free bet prize, there is a risk-free bet deal. This deal is almost the same as the mentioned bonus but functions differently. Instead of using free money, you need to put your own. And in case of losing, all this money will be refunded.

The conditions of claiming this bonus are similar to the free bet offer.

Regular Promotions

If you like to regularly get pleasant and beneficial presents and rewards, then the betting platform knows what to offer to you – reload sports betting motivations. The word “reload” means that it is not a one-time party, and you can count on the reward daily, weekly, or maybe monthly. The regular bonus equals stability.

Usually, regular bonuses are represented in the form of a deposit offer. So, it is mandatory to charge your balance with a specific amount of money to receive an additional sum to your total bankroll. In general, the regular bonuses are less tempting than the welcome offers. But, still, you can count on a 25% deposit or 50%. And when good luck on your side, it is possible to claim a 100% deal.

To claim a regular bonus is an elementary task. You need to sign in to your profile, go to the promotions section, choose the needed bonus, and click on “Claim.” That is all that is necessary.

No Deposit Sports Betting Bonus

Some gambling enthusiasts do not like to invest real money into gambling but are eager to know how betting on sports events works. Precisely for this group of people, many gambling websites have designed a unique offer that does not require any rupee. And the name of the incentive is a no deposit sports betting bonus.

Commonly, the only thing required before claiming this bonus type is to create a new account in the betting platform and activate the profile by following the confirmation link, which is sent to your actual email address.

In return, you will receive a specific amount of money (usually, the sum is not huge) and use it for your exploring purposes.


When you place your own money into betting, there is no way that you will stay in profit constantly (all people experience ups and downs in terms of winnings). And to motivate bettors, betting platforms have developed an excellent method – cashback. The essential role of every cashback is to compensate you for some part of your lost money during a specific period. This period can be one day, one week, or one month. The part of the compensation is presented in percentages. Usually, it is 5% or 10%. Some additional perks can be applied for loyal bettors, and they can get a more significant piece.

VIP Programs and Offer

The most loyal bettor can get even more advantages from the gambling website. Under the conditions of a VIP program, there is a chance to both deposit rewards, free bets, and cashback. The sweetest thing here is a more pleasant percentage. For example, instead of a 100% deposit bonus, a loyal bettor may get 200%; or 10% cashback can be turned into 20%.

The requirement to become a VIP member of the betting community is straightforward – just gamble, gamble, and gamble.

Personalized Offers

As part of a VIP program, loyal bettors can receive special promo codes or vouchers that reward them with free bets or sports betting bonus offers on their deposits. New players also have a probability of getting these codes – it is recommended to contact the platform’s administration about it. And the representative will clarify all the nuances of getting these codes.

How do sports betting bonuses work?

If you wonder how these bonuses work, then we gladly explain the primary principles of the working process. Even though there are a lot of sports betting casino bonuses, the operating principles remain the same.

A user joins a sportsbook, and this sportsbook gives an incentive (a bonus) from the very beginning. The incentive allows the player to feel that the chosen gambling establishment is generous and can offer even something more. On the other side, the operator continues providing the gamblers with more valuable offers. However, it only wants loyalty from the user’s side.

All bonuses that you can meet in the sportsbook are called promotional tools that have an aim to attract and, consequently, retain gambling enthusiasts.

Considering these rewards from the neutral position, it is worth indicating that these bonuses benefit both sides. For players, they give additional opportunities and free resources for gambling. For sportsbooks, they offer new and loyal players.

How to claim a sports betting bonus?

It is not complicated to claim the best sport betting bonus deal. And it is required to follow elementary steps to reach this goal.

  1. Step. It is necessary to find an online gambling establishment that gives a shot to its players to get various sports betting bonuses. Of course, it is not difficult, but the search will take some of your time. Therefore, we recommend you check a list of approachable online operators with sports betting alternatives to save your priceless time.
  2. Step. After choosing a gambling platform, it will ask you to create a new account and sign in. Usually, the registration process is not complicated and requires a few minutes of your time.
  3. Step. The registration is over, and the confirmation process is behind, which means that you need to go to the Promotion section, which contains all the available sports betting bonuses at the present time.
  4. Step. Choose the most suitable deal, go through its terms and conditions, and press the “Claim” button.

Completing all these steps will get your fruits in terms of bonus money, free bets, cashback, or something even more valuable.

Standard terms of sports betting incentives

Getting something for free always attracts people. However, these people genuinely believe that these free rewards can be given without anything in return. And this is the drawback of every casino bonus. All bonuses in a casino have their specific requirements to be fulfilled to unlock an opportunity to withdraw the winnings from the gambling house. And the same situation with sports casino bonuses.

Under normal circumstances, sports betting bonuses go along with the following requirements:

  • Wager. After obtaining a bonus, a gambling operator asks to wager the received for free money a certain number of times. Some operators set normal conditions for that, like 25x. However, sports betting websites always apply unbelievable-to-reach wagers – 50x or even 100x.
  • Limited time. You know that it is necessary to fulfill the given requirement to be able to withdraw the won money, but you have a limited time to do so. One gambling platform may ask you to complete these requirements within a frame of one week or month, while other operators are free from these time frames.
  • Limited betting options. Betting incentives can be used only for betting on previously determined sports events, and a player cannot place free bets on the events beyond the offer.
  • Limited amount. This means that all the bets you can place are limited. For instance, you want to place 500 Indian Rupees on the event, but it is impossible because the maximum size of the bet cannot overcome the edge of 450 Indian Rupees.

That is why it is highly recommended to go through all the bonus terms to learn all these aspects. This knowledge will help you avoid a bad gambling experience and take advantage of the bonuses wisely and to the greatest extent.

How to choose the best betting platform?

There are plenty of online gambling houses and sportsbooks that offer their betting services. However, it is worth trying to find an operator that can provide you with the best sport betting bonus deals in the best possible conditions. Consequently, the question appears in your mind about how to choose this platform and be satisfied with the decision. It is easy than you can even imagine.

First and foremost, you can see a comprehensive list of online gambling operators that give a shot to place bets on different sports events and predict the results. This list will simplify your life and save your time because it consists of the best online gambling houses for the residents of India.

After deciding what gambling operator fits you best, it would be nice if you check out our reviews about the chosen operator and read the section on bonuses. This section explains in detail what rewards this operator has and what you can expect from it. The critical information – read our reviews carefully and thoughtfully. They contain the specifications of the bonuses.

When you have read and gotten to know the bonuses, it is up to you whether to take advantage of them or continue looking for a better option.

Advantages and disadvantages of sports betting rewards

Being aware of all the specifications is crucial, but more important is knowing the pros and cons of sports betting bonuses. In this section, we have prepared a table that includes the strong and weak sides of these bonuses.

Advantages Disadvantages
No deposit bonus does not demand real investments; Sometimes, the wagering requirements may be extremely high;
Extra money for betting purposes; Obtain several limitations in terms of time and betting size;
Pleasant motivation to continue gambling;
Regular incentives;

Is it worth claiming these bonuses?

By the end of the article, it is necessary to sum up everything and help you decide whether sports betting bonus offers can be helpful for you or not. The only thing that can be said there is that kind of casino bonus is worth claiming. This is because you do not lose anything in case of failure. However, it is highly advisable to go through all the bonus conditions and learn its specifications before claiming it.


Can sports betting make you rich?

Absolutely! Everyone can take advantage of sports betting and become wealthy person. The only drawback lies in your chances of becoming rich. Betting on sports requires skills, knowledge, intuition, and strategies because it will not be enough to place a high-stake bet (or a small bet but with an extremely colossal coefficient) and meet success while guessing the results of this or that sports event. Of course, good luck can help you. However, it would be way better if you place your bets rationally.

Are sports betting bonuses worth it?

The answer is definitely YES, and here comes the explanation. First of all, sports betting bonuses are given for free. Secondly, some bonuses have honestly excellent terms and conditions that are not that difficult to fulfill. And finally, what will you lose after claiming and using this bonus? We are pretty sure that nothing. So, it is worth taking advantage of the sports betting casino bonus.

What bookmarking sites give welcome sports betting bonuses?

There are plenty of sports bookmaking platforms, especially in India, that welcome their bettors with generous offers right after registering their newly-created accounts. And on our website, you will find an extensive list that includes different sports operators with welcoming bonuses.

What are sports betting bonuses?

Sports betting bonuses are special incentives that most sports bookmaking operators give to their bettors as a starting boost and regular rewards.

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