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Roulette is one of the most popular table games in the world and India is no exception. The game is widely available in different online casinos and throughout time, numerous variations have been created.

There are several versions of creating a game of roulette. All of them are not considered 100% reliable by scientists, but they require the attention of a person who is interested in history. Today, scientists agree that the prototype of the roulette wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal – a famous scientist – during his work on a perpetual motion machine.

The invention of game roulette is also attributed to French law enforcement officers who wanted to distract the population from playing cards. At that time, there were many scammers and the device made it possible to offer citizens a more honest gambling alternative to cards and limit contact with cheaters. Many experts say that roulette was first invented in the following countries

  • China;
  • Greece;
  • Ancient Rome.

Many people believe that roulette is based on the rules of an ancient Chinese board game in which 37 animal figures were assembled into a magic square with a total of 666. In Asia and India, roulette managed to spread rapidly and become a popular game among gamblers.

Types of roulettes (French, European, American, Lightning)

Since the game of roulette first appeared a long time ago, it has gone through numerous changes. Today the most popular ones that you are going to see in Indian online casinos are:

  • French
  • European
  • American
  • Lightning
  • Roulette Types
  • European
  • French
  • American
  • Lightning

European Roulette

European roulette is the classic version. On the table for roulette, you will see 37 sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 and one “zero”. The player can bet on specific numbers, or on even and odd, red and white, and over or under.

American Roulette

American roulette has 38 numbers. It differs from the classics by the presence of the “double zero” sector (the “zero” is located above the columns). It increases the advantage of the casino over the participants. Bets on numbers are at the bottom of the field. Sectors are arranged in the same way.

French Roulette

In French roulette, the game wheel is the same as in the European one, but this type differs from all the playing fields. The game is the most profitable of the three options because when “zero” appears, the player loses only 50% of the bet, and the rest is returned.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette, compared to these variations is a relatively new game. This is a product of Evolution Gaming. In Lightning Roulette, players can bet on the full range of bets. The game is similar to European Roulette and you will see it frequently in live casinos.

What is live roulette?

Live roulette is a new world in gambling. For roulette lovers, new casinos offer several variations. The most interesting of them are the rooms with live dealers. Interactive online casino live roulette will help you to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible. There is a live dealer in front of you and the player only needs to place bets and hope to win.

The studio where the game takes place is equipped as a real casino. With the help of a live broadcast, the player sees the reel and the betting field. Live roulette can be played on a computer or smartphone. The picture is displayed comfortably even on a display with a small diagonal.

The rules of the game are pretty much the same except for the fact that there is a live dealer. If the player places a bet and he wins, the winnings will be transferred to the account.

In live roulette, the game is played by a real dealer who also entertains the players. At the same time, it creates a maximum immersion in the gameplay, as in a real casino.

How do we check such roulettes?

When we decided to include the best roulette casinos in our list we selected a specific set of criteria, that we followed through the assessment process. Here are the necessary characteristics that we paid attention to:

  • Variety of roulette;
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Casino Bonuses

Each of these criteria separately and collectively was pivotal in our selection process. Of course, the first criterion, which is the diversity of roulette games is the most important. As many possibilities and variations, there are for players the better because they may prefer the European version to the American counterpart.

Security of these games is also necessary. In the world of the online gambling industry, there are many operators and scammers, that do not provide secure gameplay to customers. Basically, you could end up losing your funds, but our online casinos are safe and secure to use.

Compatibility with different devices is also noteworthy. Nowadays people prefer mobile gambling to traditional desktop versions, and this is something that you should consider carefully. Finally, different bonuses and promotions for new players that want to engage in roulette were also considered.


In any online casino game, whether it is roulette or card games, bonuses play an important role, because that’s how gambling platforms attract new customers. In this case, players who want to try out roulette games can find out the following bonuses in Indian online casinos:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Cashbacks

The deposit bonus is generally the most popular form of promotion that you can get in any online casino. When you sign up on a website you will most likely see a notice to claim the deposit bonus, which is usually 100% of your deposited money. For example, if you deposit 2000 INR you will receive 2000 in addition, which you can use to play roulette.

No deposit bonus is rare compared to a deposit bonus, but some online casinos still provide players with this possibility. You are not required to deposit anything – the casino gives money for free, but usually, it is a small amount that you can use to try out the characteristics of a game.

Cashbacks in roulette are also considered a form of a bonus. For loyal players, this is a possibility to get a certain amount of lost money back while playing.

Payment methods

A broad range of payment methods in Indian online casinos for roulette was one of the most important parts when we decided to choose suitable gambling platforms. Currently, the most command methods of payments that users can use in Indian online casinos are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • UPI
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bank Transfer

Visa and Mastercard are considered traditional payment methods not only at online casinos but in the rest of the world as well. With the following methods, you can both deposit and withdraw money in the casino. Skrill and Neteller are electronic payment methods that have become especially popular in the past few years. Indian citizens will be using UPI also. This is a method that is typical for the Indian gambling industry.

As for cryptocurrencies, they have seen a sharp growth in the past few years. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others are widely used in gambling. They provide a secure environment for players and transactions are fast and safe.


The next factor to pay attention to is the presence of a license issued by one of the organizations that regulate international gambling. Information about the availability of a license is always posted on the main page of the official website of the casino.

An equally important difference between a reliable platform is a high level of player safety. For these purposes, the site will use modern data encryption systems, as well as mandatory verification of new users. Explore the available ways to deposit and withdraw money, choosing a casino that offers several payment methods.

Without proper security measures taken by an online casino, a player will find himself under the threat of being scammed or compromised by personal data. Because of that, the majority of online casinos in India try to create a safe environment for players and equip them with the necessary protection.


Many beginners are sure that the reliability of an online casino depends on the games presented in it, but this is not true. What is important is not so much the quantity as the quality of roulette games. Top casinos cooperate with leading gaming software developers:

  • Novomatic;
  • Mega Jack;
  • Igrosoft;
  • Playtech;
  • Microgaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • Automatic.

Each of them guarantees the excellent quality of their products and the payment of winnings. Leading providers also put forward certain requirements, not starting cooperation without receiving a package of documents confirming the solvency of an online casino. Because of that when you decide to choose an online casino to play roulette games, it is necessary to have a look at the following information. In such a way you will be able to get the best experience and get more winnings.

Availability of a license

Like in other fields of our lives, it is necessary to deal with a reputable entity that meets the necessary legal requirements. In the case there are problems there will always be someone that you can turn to. The license of an online casino is exactly something that you need to consider. Right now the most reputable organizations issue licenses to gambling platforms, ensuring their safety.

Possession of a license to engage in professional activities is pivotal. At this point, you need to be careful, because otherwise there could be serious fraud problems from the site. Licensed casinos, publish information about the presence of a corresponding registration on the main page.

The basic parameter of the honesty of the gambling site is the availability of a license and software verification certificates. As a rule, this data is presented at the bottom of the site. They can also be requested from support.

Ability to use Indian Rupees

You should be able to use Indian rupees for playing roulette. This is one of the most important steps when you decide to find the best casino for different types of roulette games. After we checked the available roulette games on the Internet, the first thing was whether a casino was offering this possibility, and indeed it was possible. During the registration process, you can check the available methods for payments and after that, you will be able to transfer money to your account.

Rating among users

Ratings from players should be taken seriously. This is something that you take from gamblers that have already played on a casino’s website and normally if there are too many positive/negative reviews you can already draw certain conclusions. They should be studied not on the casino site itself, but on third-party resources because this is the only way to get a more honest assessment of the site. On the platform itself, administrators can simply remove negative player reviews.

Methods of withdrawing money

Of course, the methods of withdrawing money are also noteworthy. Because of the fact that some online casinos have limitations on particular payment methods you should carefully check all the available methods. Indian players will be delighted to find out that they can use local methods such as UPI. Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, and cryptocurrencies are also available but you need to make sure that you use the same withdrawal method that you have applied to deposits. That is essential.

The withdrawal process can take from several hours to 3-5 working days. If you want to have the cash available on your balance as soon as possible you can use cryptocurrencies. This is the fastest way in the online gambling industry to withdraw money.

Availability of bonuses

Availability of different bonuses is necessary because that’s how online casinos attract customers to their platforms to play roulette games. It is very important that the online casino has a so-called bonus system and special promotions. Such promotions are often held in order to attract new customers.

Among them, you can find a lot of really good and interesting offers. Often with the help of such promotions, you can even increase your profits. Therefore, it is recommended that you definitely take advantage of the promotions presented. You should also check out the loyalty program. You can find a lot of information about the accrual of bonus points, which in the future can be exchanged for real money. We have specifically selected the casinos for Indian players that guarantee the following possibilities to players.

Help Desk

When we were checking the best roulette casinos we paid attention to customer support. This is something that you need to take into account because without decent and friendly service you won’t be getting answers to the majority of your questions. The casinos that we checked offer players service in Hindi.

Another important factor for customer support is to work around the clock. The service should be offered 24/7.

Types of platforms for games

Players in India can try out various platforms to play roulette games. Currently, there are 3 main possibilities that you can choose from

  1. PC and laptops
  2. Smartphones
  3. Tablets

The first option is the most popular one for playing roulette and the majority of Indian players use computers to play different casino games. It comes as no surprise because on laptops and PCs you will be able to fully try out the characteristics of any roulette game.

Smartphones have become common with the development of mobile gambling. They are convenient to use and at the same time there are no problems related to compatibility – every player can use smartphones, as soon as they have a stable connection to the Internet.

Roulette Strategies

Since the inception of roulette people have been trying to come up with strategies that would guarantee constant winnings. However one thing is obvious – there is no 100% winning strategy and tactics that are created can only make you get your lost money back. We will have a look at some of the most popular strategies used by players.

Notable Roulette Strategies
60 for 3 spins


Goldfinger is easy to learn. The size of the bet will need to be increased after each negative spin.

The initial rate is equal to one. If there was a loss, 2 units are put in the next round, then 3, and so on. Upon receiving a win, the bet size is reduced by 5 units (if the bet was less than 5, 1 unit is a bet in the next round). Since this strategy requires a certain amount of endurance and experience, it is better to start playing with virtual money.

60 for 3 spins

There are no progressions in this strategy, it is based on fixed bets, so it is suitable for players even with a small budget. Starting capital should be 17 or 340 units. Bets will be placed in one of two ways.

In the first case with a pot of 17 units, 6 units are bet on the third dozen. Small (1-18) is 9 units. The remaining 2 units are placed on the corner (19, 20, 22, 23). With a pot of 340 units, you should bet 120 units on the third dozen, 180 units on the low, and 40 units on the corner. The winnings will be 1 and 20 units respectively.

If you play online roulette with this strategy a couple of times, then it will not be difficult to get into a positive balance. At the initial stage, it is better to start with 17 bank units.

Martingale Strategy

Purely theoretically, this method should guarantee the player a win-win game. With a long game, using the Martingale system, the player will not only cover all losses but also win a big jackpot. At the same time, this system is suitable primarily for beginners, since, in fact, it does not require deep knowledge of roulette or other gambling games. Martingale also works very well in blackjack and slot machines.

For this strategy, you need a pretty decent bank. However, regardless of how much capital the player has, it is worth playing at the minimum stakes, to begin with.

For this system, red/black, even/odd, and under (from 1 to 18)/over (from 19 to 36) bets are suitable. If you win, the player will receive the amount of 1 to 1, and if you lose, you will lose the bet. Thus, in case of defeat, the user of online gambling sites needs to double the amount at the next bet, so that with luck, not only win back the loss but also win a considerable sum. If the second bet does not bring success, then you need to double the bet again and continue like this until the first win. After that, you should start over.

The complexity of this system is that if the first bet is allowed 1 USD, then with prolonged failures in the 11th bet, you will need to bet 1024 USD, and then there will only be more. Despite the fact that it is unlikely that a player will lose 11 times or more, it is worth playing it safe and taking at least 3,000 USD.

Warnings for gambling addicts

Responsible gambling is pivotal for your wellbeing. To impose a ban on gambling, you can write a statement: in any place of the organization of gambling, at the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspectorate, remotely in electronic form, using electronic authentication tools

Gambling can have a negative impact that can turn into an overwhelming and excessive urge to gamble and become addicted. The game is fun and interesting entertainment that becomes a very exciting experience. Gambling offers an attractive opportunity to take risks, and as long as the risk is controlled, there is nothing dangerous about it. Most casino goers enjoy this type of entertainment without any problems, however, there are a small number of people who lose all control over their actions. In the winning phase, they may believe that they can influence the outcome of the game, while in the losing phase, they are quite sure that luck is about to turn to face them. In this case, the game is no longer fun entertainment, but rather an obsession. Play smart

When you begin to realize that gambling has begun to take too much time or money, you have the option of setting a limit on the maximum bets per game or the size of the total bets per game session. It is also possible to remove yourself by closing your account. To exclude yourself from the player’s list, go to the game account and select this option.

FAQ on Roulette Casinos in India

Who invented roulette?

The creation of roulette is associated with the famous scientist Blaise Pascal. There are many versions that surround the creation of roulette but it is the most popular one. Blaise Pascal was a scientist that wanted to create a perpetual moving machine. He created the first machine. The word roulette means little wheel.

What types of roulette are available in online casinos?

The most popular variations of roulette that are available today in online gambling platforms are French, European, and American. These roulette follow the same concept. At the same time, these variations are also present in live mode.

Are there winning strategies in roulette?

You can always apply different strategies in roulette, but keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee winnings all the time. It is necessary to point out that winning strategies in roulette can only give you a general insight into how to get the maximum profit from playing.

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