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How to make a deposit using WhatsApp Pay?
What are the main advantages of WhatsApp Pay?
What should you consider while using WhatsApp Pay India?
How to withdraw your winnings using WhatsApp Pay?
How to set up a WhatsApp Pay account?
Privacy and confidentiality
About WhatsApp Pay

If you are from India and still hesitating about what payment method to choose to charge your casino account or transfer your winnings from there back, you should consider WhatsApp Pay. Yes, this popular messenger has its own payment service that allows millions of people to process payments with ease and quickly. And thanks to the innovative approach of data protection, this payment service provides its users with the highest level of safety.

On this page, you will be able to check the best online gambling platforms that accept WhatsApp Pay. Moreover, we will give you a guideline on making a deposit and withdrawing the winnings, explain the advantages of this payment system, and help you get the most fantastic gambling experience while using this payment service.

How to make a deposit using WhatsApp Pay?

After the official approval of this payment system by a reputable authority in 2020, some online gambling platforms realized the full potential of this service. Consequently, they have started to put this payment solution into their lists of available depositing options. Bear in mind that WhatsApp Pay is only available for residents of India and Brazil.

If you want to try this payment method and fund your casino balance, you need to go through a few stages.

  • First stage. You need to set up your WhatsApp Pay account (we will explain this process later in this article) and make sure that you have money on balance.
  • Second stage. As the number of online casinos and betting sites is not that huge, you need to find a reliable gambling platform that collaborates with this payment solution.
  • Third stage. It is necessary to sign in to your casino profile or create a new casino account and log in. Without this, you will not have an opportunity to top up the casino balance.
  • Fourth stage. You need to visit the Cashier section to go further, where the extensive list with the available depositing methods will be shown up. From this list, you should select WhatsApp Pay.
  • Fifth stage. The online casino or betting platform will ask you to enter the sum you wish to fund and click on the Deposit button during this stage.
  • Sixth stage. And finally, it is required to follow the given instructions to confirm the financial operation.

When you have gone through all these stages, your casino account will be charged with the needed amount of money to start or continue your gambling adventure.

What are the main advantages of WhatsApp Pay?

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To choose this payment method for your gambling purposes, you need to learn more about how this payment service can benefit you. And in this section, we will explain to you what to expect from it in terms of upsides.

  • Simplicity. Nobody wants to deal with complex financial processes and algorithms. Therefore, the company has made all its financial transactions as straightforward as possible. It will be enough to make a few clicks to make a payment.
  • Quickness. The processing speed of any financial operation plays a significant role everywhere. Thus, you can count on instant payments. This quickness will help you charge your casino account within a moment and start playing different casino games, like slot games or card games.
  • Security. WhatsApp Pay has put a lot of effort into ensuring that your data is protected. With the help of unique technology, no one will have access to your banking details and can use this data for their bad purposes.

Working together, simplicity, quickness, and security provide the players with the best possible gambling experience. But on top of that is the insane popularity of the messenger (1.2 billion people use this service daily). This moment truly gives a bright future for this payment method.

What should you consider while using WhatsApp Pay India?

Knowing all the advantages of the payment system is not enough to have a positive gambling experience. It is highly advisable to consider a few more things before choosing this payment solution.

The most crucial moment is to find a reliable online gambling house that can provide you with an opportunity to charge your account or cash out the winnings from it. The service is popular, but a few casinos and betting platforms accept it. And what is more challenging is to find a gambling operator with the full support of this service (for depositing and withdrawal purposes).

The next aspect to consider is a transaction fee. As the payment service states, it does not obligate its customers to pay any fee, but some casinos may set up a fixed fee for both depositing and withdrawing processes. In some cases, the fee can be 2.5% or even higher.

Talking about depositing and withdrawing processes, it is better to check the casino’s terms and conditions in terms of the limits. Every gambling platform has its own limit on the deposit and withdrawal. If these conditions fit you, then it is great.

For sure, you would like to know how fast your money can come to your casino balance and how quickly you can withdraw the winnings. In the case of WhatsApp Pay, all the transactions are instant, but online casinos and betting platforms may have a pending time in terms of withdrawals.

And the last thing to pay attention to is the processing speed of any financial operation. Although WhatsApp Pay guarantees instant payments, online casinos can process these operations longer. Make sure that you will be satisfied with this matter.

How to withdraw your winnings using WhatsApp Pay?

The number of casinos that accept WhatsApp Pay India in terms of depositing is low, but the number of casinos that can offer WhatsApp Pay withdrawal is even lower. Anyway, if you have found such a gambling platform, the withdrawal procedure is a piece of cake and slightly different from the depositing. You need to follow almost the same steps to get the transfer done. These steps are simple and intuitively understandable:

  • To find a reliable casino that can provide you with an option to withdraw your winnings using WhatsApp Pay (an extremely challenging task);
  • To head to the Cashier section, where you will see the Withdraw button;
  • To select WhatsApp Pay and enter the amount of money you wish to transfer to your banking account;
  • To wait for approval from the casino website.

And that is all that you need to go through while cashing out your monetary funds from the casino.

How to set up a WhatsApp Pay account?

If you want to use this payment service to process any financial operation, you need to set up a new account first. Creating the account is easy but requires having a WhatsApp account. So, from the very beginning, it is required to download the WhatsApp application from the mobile store, launch it, and follow the given instructions to settle your own profile.

When the process is behind, and you have the profile, you need to tap on the More Options button and look at the Payment Option button. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a new page with a list of available banks that have a connection with your phone number. So, you need to pick the most suitable one.

And finally, the app will ask you to provide you with UPI PIN to confirm that this operation was processed by yourself.

As you can notice, setting up the new WhatsApp Pay India account is an uncomplicated task and can be done within a frame of several minutes. And as an end effect, the world of gambling will be completely open for you, where you can play either roulette games, poker games, or enjoy sports betting.

Privacy and confidentiality

It is interesting to know that the WhatsApp Pay payment solution has one of the most secure privacy policies. If other payment services collect and store your personal information and banking details, WhatsApp Pay does not collect and store this information. Due to this company’s decision, all users are fully protected, and no third-party source will have access to this sensitive data.

About WhatsApp Pay

A widely popular social messenger, WhatsApp released the WhatsApp Pay payment solution back in 2018, but it got approval from NPCI in 2020. Unfortunately, this payment option is accessible for residents of India and Brazil only, and there are a few casinos that can accept this payment solution.

Anyway, the WhatsApp Pay payment service is going viral, and presently, over 20 million people use this solution on an everyday basis, transferring their money from one account to another, making online purchases, and processing payments for gambling purposes.

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